Monday, March 5, 2012

Some History

So as Nick said in his previous posts this all started with a general interest in web surfing... a few years, and several hundred dollars worth of self sufficiency books later; we are now on the verge of starting a new life in a new city. Along with that comes the desire to start fresh (ignore the pun!)

There are 4 in our little family, aka 'the Brady Bunch.' Ruby our daughter is 2 and Elias is 6 months old.

After 6 years in Northern Vancouver Island Nick's position with the Canadian Coast Guard has been transfered (thank goodness) to the Comox Valley in central Vancouver Island. Eight long months of despair, but our house finally sold and we were able to purchase a home further south! So exciting!

We are embarking on this new adventure with the hope that we can change our life style. The Comox Valley has it's own micro climate and as such has a small but stable agricultural community.

We have bought a house in an urban area but have plans to create an 'edible landscape;' essentially we hope to become largely self sufficient eating both fruit and veggies grown on our own property throughout the year.

We would LOVE to be followers of the '100 mile diet,' but alas with half our family afflicted with Celiac Disease (a wheat/gluten intolerance) we are unable to do so. Our diet depends largely on rice, quinoa, and other types of flours, which couldn't possibly be sustained within only 100 miles.

Please keep in mind that we are the 'uber-est' of  'newbs!' With little to NO experience in gardening let alone any type of self sufficient agro-culture mumbo jumbo.

But as the title of this blog suggests we are committed to achieving a life style that is free of dependency on high fructose corn syrup, modified soy bean oil, GMO products and as much as we can petroleum.

Stay tuned for more blogs and info!

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  1. the Comox Valley also has one of the best farmer's market's on the Island - just sayin!