Friday, March 9, 2012

Since I know which soap is BAD......

...... and I really dont feel like paying the sometimes exorbitant price that clean, organic soaps and cleaners go for, I have decided to make my own.

Now this is not some passing fancy. You may think, "Sure thing Nick, lets see you do that", but I assure you this is something i have wanted to do for a long long time. The reason it has not happened before now is threefold.
     1) Wife said no lye in the house while she is pregnant
     2) No place to put soapmaking supplies
     3) No where to get the oils and lye needed

These limits on my abilty to make soap have all been resolved. Kate is no longer pregnant and we are moving into a new house, in a city that will have access to everything I need. I will also be much closer to Old City Organics where I can purchase all sorts of good wholesome organic ingredients for my future soaping endeavors.

So recently I have been researching recipes for different types of soaps. My friend Elizabeth at Humblebee Farm provided a great recipe for cheap laundry soap. I also found a new love for bar shampoo after i opened a bar of Burts Bee's Shampoo Bar but aparently they dont sell it at their Canadian online store, so I had to go and look for recipes myself. I have found a few that I like, but not one that I love yet. I was hoping to keep the more exotic oils to a minimum so I was think tallow, castor and olive oils, and some bee's wax. I'll be sure to post the exact recipe I end up using and the results.

The nice thing I have leant while reading ingredients is that almost all comericial soaps are nasty, but that it is quite easy to make your own. I stumbled upon a baby soap recipe as well as a dish soap recipe that both look promising. I promise to give them both a try as soon as we are settled into the new house!


P.s. kate gives me a hard time on my punctuation and grammer so please forgive me... I am used to SPELL CHECK!

EDIT!: My friend Jessica reminded me that I forgot to dishwashing detergent!

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