Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We MADE it to Comox!

It was a bit touch and go, and especially hard in these last two weeks but WE MADE IT! After 6 + long years in the North Island we have moved to Comox in Central Vancouver Island.

I thought it would be a more emotional day, but I don't think reality has hit me yet.

I woke up at 6:30 this morning singing a song from Disney's "Polly:"

'Lift your voices and sing! Let the joy ring!
Over, over, over and over again!
Stand up! (Stand Up!)
And let the spirit move you!
Stand up! (Stand UP!)
Don't let 'em bring you down!'

It was the perfect mantra for the day.

Movers arrived this past Sunday afternoon and started packing. Our little house in Port McNeill was 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, only 1050 square feet but it had a SPECTACULAR view of Broughton Straight.

It was our first house, bought three + years ago with money we'd scrimped and saved all on our own. We brought home our two beautiful children from the hospital to that house. It served its purpose. I learned many, many things about myself, my husband, my marriage and parenting.

I will miss my friends and neighbours but not the town.

I am EXSTATIC about moving to Comox! Although we almost didn't get there!

The moving truck left this morning at 10 am and we had planned to be very much behind it. Only I tried to be 'helpful,' and of course it didn't quite work out as planned!

I reversed the truck onto the front lawn right up to the front door, thinking, "Geez why get wet humping all our stuff when I could just make life easy?!" Ummm... ya.... So once heavy and loaded down, the lawn -ahem- moss covered yard becomes a big mud pit. OOOPs!

Called the tow truck to be rescued and then the Realtor and tell her that I'd left nice big muddy ruts in the front yard! And all my shovels are packed so I can't even fix it. Sorry new owners!

So then we headed off, Nick, myself, Ruby, Eli, Gypsy (the dog) and Onyx and Oscar (our cats). (Dog and cats kennels side by side in the bed under the canopy - glad I couldn't hear the commotion for the trip!)

But we hadn't even made it 10 kilometres down the highway when the tarp ripped off the top of the trailer and we had to pull over to remove it. Nick's wine bottles are soaked, oh well.

But the Eli fell asleep (bless his heart he is teething) and Ruby watched a couple of movies on Nick's Tablet while he and I held hands and listened to Eric Church's new album and then the Zac Brown Band.

There was of course snow in the Sutton Mountain Range as we headed south. But just as we descended into Sayward junction, the clouds parted and the sun started shining. It was very much like a sign from above that we were in the right direction and have nothing but greatness ahead of us.

We rolled into Comox just before 3 pm. Exhausted but here! Our new adventure is just beginning!


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  1. Congrats on surving the trip to your new hometown. The North Island served my family well for 23 years; raised 4 beautiful girls and learned tons about myself & parenting with my man :) On our moving day, I remeber looking back and the jammed filled van to make eye contact with my daughter's hamster, calming sitting on some boxes, cleaning himself- only problem he was about 4 feet away form his cage:{ He was quickly re-captured and like us adjusted to his new home and new path in life......Enjoy Brady Family your future looks bright