Thursday, March 15, 2012


We'll since the lovely Government of Canada representative decided that the movers won't be paid to stop at my storage locker, I have been tasked with moving everything from the storage locker into our house.

Yesterday after the 10 trip I told the wife i was done moveing stuff from the locker... The response i get..."wow, that was easy"..... you should have seen the look I gave it... I'm surprised the paint on the walll behind her didnt start to peel off.... easy considering I had to do it all.... dang BLUE jobs..

Anyways, the job is done, the trailer moved to the storage locker, and the smaller freezer moved onto the trailer. All that is left for me to do is load the wine onto the trailer, and move the food from the big deepfreezer to the small one. By this time tomorrow I will actually be done done......

The problem with being done.............

To The Ceiling!

adding this caption reminded me to turn the lights off before i melt something!
......... is that I now feel like a hoarder... I can't wait for someone we know to get knocked up so i can get rid of some of the dang baby clothes!

anyways, its only 5 more sleeps here with this mess, then its 11 - 13 sleeps in the hotel. I will be happy once we are in the hotel in Comox as I wont be living and having to worry about getting outta here. Add that I have until June before I have to go back to work, means that I have tons of time to get everything sorted away at the new place..... did I mention that I have 10 empty cases of wine bottles that I need to get filled :)

anyways... Katie is going to give me crap for posting pictures without clearing it with her (she was embarrased by the wine bottles in the last picture!) and most likly will find spelling mistakes.......... but hey, if she was awake at 8:50 she could correct me!



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