Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Margarine is now banned in our house.

Well the last of the margaine was used up this morning, and it will not be replaced. I used to have a nice butter dish, but i think it got broken a few years ago..... we'll see when we get unpacked at the new place if it was hiding in a box somewhere.

So the reason for abandoning margarines and heading towards butter is that fact that most margarines are made using canola oil, which has a very good chance of being a GMO. Also, in the case of the Becel label I read this morning, it included Soy Lectin, which in another crop that has a very high chance of being a GMO. Ideally I would buy local butter direct from a farmer if possible, or perhaps buy cream directly from a farmer and make my own butter once a week with the KitchenAid. We'll have to see what our options are once we get down there.

Next on the list of things not getting replaced once they are used up is Canola Oil. the Canola Oil will be replaced with Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil.



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