Monday, March 5, 2012

Bye Bye Cancer Machine

Well we have decided that we are not bringing our microwave with us when we move. There are a few different reasons for this , what some would call crazy, move to a life of LESS convenience.

Here are a few of the reasons:

- We read what afterwards turned out to be a microwave myth.
-We recently spents 9 weeks living in my in-laws empty basement suite which did not have a microwave, and we did not particulary miss it.
-It draws parasitic power when not in use.
-We dont use it all that often (reheating my coffee is the biggest use, and warming baby food the other)
-We dont like the idea of feeding our children food and drink that has been irradiated.

So for this reason we decided that we are going to leave our microwave at home.

We have been trying a dry run for the last couple of days, and find we are doing great at not using the mircowave. Since we are not using the coffee maker at the moment because we put it away to de-clutter the house for home viewings, and can't find it in the storage locker, we have been using an improvised "french press" method. What that means is that we boil water, stir in coffee grounds, and pour it thought a filter into an lexan measuring cup. The measuring cup then lives in the "warming plate" of the stove. So my new method is tp just stick my mug next to the measuring cup. We are using the same "warming plate" on the stove to warm the dish that we put Eli's baby food into (not plastic i remind you!).

On the same basis of trying to move away from that extra convenience lifestyle, we will not be hooking up the coffee maker when we move into the new house (assuimg we can find the dang thing). Instead, we will be purchasing a french press and will be using that instead.

Thats it for todays rant! I'll try and come back and insert a photo of our funny coffee setup!


  1. Huh, I was on board with the microwave, but unawares that you also included the coffee maker... we may have to discuss this.....LESS convenience eh? Whew... didn't realize this meant giving up coffee....okay well we'll need to invest in a 'real' french press ;)

  2. lol did you not read the "must purchase french press" section :)