Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The name of our blog, "Urban Agrarian' is paradoxical as the definition of 'Agrarianism' is;

"(A philosophy) which values rural society as superior to urban society, the independent farmer as superior to the paid worker, and sees farming as a way of life that can shape the ideal social values. It stresses the superiority of a simpler rural life as opposed to the complexity of city life, with its banks and factories." Quoted from Wikipedia.

I think our intended philosophy, and ideology, is that we want to simplify our lives. To slow down, live in less of a rush, be less dependent on others and in turn be more self-sufficient. To prove that self-sufficiency inside an urban area is not only possible but it can be accomplished without breaking the bank. That giving up this life of total convenience is better for our children than the alternative. We perceive this as a harmful reliance on fossil fuels, GMO vegetables and chemicals used in the preservation of food and cleaning products.
Hold the presses! I sound like a hippie!
That said, I like to live in an urban centre where my children have access to the amenities that are available, including but not limited to; the swimming pool, recreation centres, movie theatres, museums etc. We want to embrace the multi culturalism that 'big city' life denotes, to embrace our neighbours and learn from one another.
We embrace 'globalization' in the sense that the world has become an amazing global network of ideas and cultures; wonderful melting pot where traditional 'roles' and ideas are shattered and transformed.

What we cannot and do not embrace is the 'globalization' of a society which trucks in carrots from 500  or more miles, away!
Our goal is to ensure that our children don't experience the severe disconnect with food sources which tends to go along with 'big city' life.
Carrots are grown in the ground, not in plastic bags. Steaks are living, breathing creatures called cows, bacon is a living breathing creature called a pig, and drumsticks are actually chickens. All of who need to be taken care of while living and slaughtered humanely and safely.
And by 'taken care of while living,' I mean fed appropriate non chemically altered food, allowed to live a natural and appropriate life span before being slaughtered.
Yes please be aware that at one time the meat on your plate had eyes and breathed air.
This is a big challenge, long term, time consuming and not without cost. But I think in the long term the benefits will be more than we can (right now) possibly imagine. 

What I hope to gain;
Knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the farmers of the world
Healthier, non GMO, nutrient rich food
Less reliance on the fossil fuels which transport our food from afar

Perhaps (eventually) financial benefit
Weight loss

And finally pride

All we can do is try! And have fun while doing it!



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