Friday, March 23, 2012

Comox Organizations I plan to join

There are so many exciting things going on in the valley, that i figured I'd share a few that I am excited about.

LUSH Valley Food Action Society: I plan to attend some of their spring gardening classes. They also have an urban fruit tree harvest program to harvest fruit that people would otherwise let rot on the tree. Another program they offer is a VIHA inspected commericial kitchen for rent.

Comox Valley Seed Savers: "Our mission is to conserve and preserve our local plant diversity by encouraging and supporting public participation in growing heritage and non-hybrid food crops and other plants."

Comox Valley Farmers Marrket: Not something I can be joining right away, but I do plan on supporting them, and hopefully in a few years I can grow enought produce to eventually sell some at the market.

Comox Valley Bee keepers: This I plan on attending VERY soon. i dont know if iIwill be able to start a couple of hives this year, but next spring for sure.

I am sure there are other great organizations to join in the valley, but there is a LOT of work to be done in my yard to get it ready. I probally wont be able to get everything done i would like this season, but if we can get a few tomato`s and zuccini planted at least I will be happy!



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  1. the Farmer's Market is on the island although it can get expensive...there's also lots of stands in the valley - fruit, veg, flowers, eggs etc

    this is a good one to support as well