Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Microwave is gone......

I got rid of the microwave yesterday. I tried selling it on the local facebook buy/sell page but there were no buyers.

I would have tried a little harder to sell the dang thing, as it worked just fine,  but I found the coffee maker in the storage locker. And since there is NO counter space in this house, it was turf the microwave, or no coffee maker. It was an easy decision. The microwave was dropped off at the thrift store, and the coffee maker picked up from the storage locker.

I must say that I am enjoying having this coffee maker, as it is WAY less effort to make coffee, and it stays warm in its insulated caraf for hours.

I did miss the microwave when I had to heat my lunch (leftovers) in the oven, but i am sure i'll get the timing down eventually!

Here is the spot where the microwave used to live, but now houses the coffee maker.


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