Thursday, April 29, 2010

Killing Time

Currently out in Sydney Nova Scotia for work.... I am at the Canadian Coast Guard College taking a Ships Internal Communications System course. I wrote the exam this morning and passed with an 84% and now i am waiting around to do the practical portion of the testing.

I cant wait to get home and see my wife and daughter, as I miss them quite a bit!

I'm pretty bored right now as I can only surf the web for so long before I run out of things to researh/read. This morning it was onto Rammed Earth housing techniques, and from there adobe.... no, not as in ADOBE ACROBAT, but as in adobe bricks made from hay and mud and what not. Aparently both are very stable, green building methods, but i worry about the amount of rain we get on vancouver island.... maybe if it was in the southern states i might feel a little different... I still would LOVE a log house... and with the amount of trees we have, I still consider it a green alternative. I also linked to tire houses during my search, and they seemed pretty neat too.

So far this weeks time killing searches have included; Backyard farming, raising chickens, raising rabbits, misc blog reading regarding the aforementioned, some collective agreement reading, reading the news, checking the emails....

well guess I might as well go get another coffee while i wait!


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