Sunday, November 25, 2012

Family time.... Decisions, Decorating and Dollars

October was a rough month! House insurance, truck insurance, truck needing repairs, vet bills.... and on and on it went! GACK!

So Nick has been pulling overtime this November like nobody's business, just trying to make sure we don't fall behind. I've been on a strict budget, buying nothing but the essentials... Mrs. Freakin' Frugle! Uggh!

And of course Christmas is coming, Ruby's Birthday, Nick's Birthday, and the new year which means paying for more extra curricular activities... which means more $$$$$$$.

After tallying it all up I'm paying $480 per month for preschool, gymnastics and swim lessons. SHEESH! I make sure to do as many 'free' things as possible like the library or Strongstart. But HOLY COW! These kids are expensive!

I've always wanted three kids, I still want three kids. I have NO desire to be pregnant again any time soon. In fact I am enjoying rediscovering some freedom and my thinning waist. So Nick made the "Executive Decision' to go in for the big 'V.' aka 'Snippy, snippy.'

I thought it was a bit premature myself but then I tallied up the monthly expenses and have realized that the quality of life I'd like for my children would be diminished if we keep adding to our brood. It does not however curb the bittersweet sadness that I'm feeling as tomorrow's procedure approaches. I am sad that I didn't slow down and enjoy the kids more,as babies.

With Ruby I was too afraid to enjoy her because I wanted to make sure everything I did was, 'right.' And with Elias we had so much additional emotional trauma happening, the uncertainties made it impossible.

And so I am sad. In the thick of it one feels as if it will go on forever, bleary eyed and just surviving through each day. And then just as suddenly it's all behind you. Not 'over' as the children are simply in another chapter of growing, but the baby/toddler days flew by far too quickly. The snuggly, delicate, 'can't be put down '~ 'don't WANT to put you down my angel'~ days I wish I could relive. But alas I cannot, so I am learning to enjoy each and every minute. To let the laundry sit another hour while I read books, or colour or paint, or play with trains and cars. I learn not to care that I make the beds only to have people follow me from each room wrestling and flattening my freshly fluffed pillows.

I am encouraging the wearing of the Christmas Tree skirt as an 'invisibility cloak,' and trying not to sound exasperated when my Ruby girl asks for me to bring down the Party Lite Christmas Church one more time so she can peak at the candle inside... Life is GOOD! It is rolling along too quickly and costing more money than we thought we'd ever spend! Nick jokes that I spend it faster than he makes it ~ which isn't far from the truth these days!

So we find fun 'free' things to do. Like exploring the Lazo Marsh and feeding the wild birds by hand. Or standing out in the cool weather watching the Christmas Parade.

Can't wait for her 3rd birthday. She picked out the invitations and handed some out to friends at preschool. We went to the dollar store and found some great crafts and gift bag stuffings for the party. Nana Brenda brought up a 'Bear' cake pan, which sits up just like a panda bear. I'm thinking I'll ice it like a 'Care Bear.' Only a few more weeks until her school 'concert.' And then Santa! Slowly getting the house decorated, the ages of the children now only add to this magical time of year. Here are some photos!
Outside the Library

Reading the library books at home ~ clothing is optional there.

Gettin' ready to play outside!

UBER cuteness at Ruby's Diner!

Playing with her favourite cherry tree.

Wonderful plastic top hat!

Bollywood Princess!

Cousins sleepover!

My late night solo dinner while Nick was away


Frosty is mesmerizing!


Lazo Marsh

Look closely at Ruby's hand

First Courtenay Christmas Parade!

First Candy Cane! ... This was the best pic I could get


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