Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Garden Pictures and Next Year's Plans/Projects

Shed, compost, wood pile... the blue tarp is hopefully arresting 'photosynthesis' and killing of the foliage so that I have a fresh new plot to put in my 'edible hedge.'

View from the middle of the yard looking east

Midday sun on a bright fall day!

The strawberries, never bore fruit but managed 3 shoots for new plants!

The raspberrie plot... never paid attention so it was a surprise for me that the leaves turned yellow before falling off. Lesson? Stop and smell the roses ~ or notice the beauty of fall before it passes you by!

Hard to see for the fallen leaves but this is our 'berry patch.'

The grafted apple tree.

Plum tree in the foreground, the white tarp has the mulched up ferns underneath it. Gave myself tendonitis for a whole WEEK using the machete. In the spring we'll bulk up the bed with fresh soil and add strawberry plants.

New grass!

3 Little maples gone! Plans for a trellis and grape vines!

Have to mend the fence but the plan is a chicken coop!

Along the house I'll espalier some fruit trees, the trellis had a rose but I dug it out and we'll put in a Hardy Kiwi tree.

Fun with Dad ~ Rakin' leaves!
(Holy CRAP she looks like my mother in this picture!)

"Hey Nick!" ... "You call me DAD." ...."Hey BABE!" ..."Noooo, you call me DAD." ....."Ok Nick."  
If you look closely you can actually see the exasperation in his expression! Tehehe!

This is a picture of the trellis I'm envisioning.... it will go along the south east neighbour's fence where the 3 small maple trees were just dug out. I had hoped for a pergola (which is this trellis just doubled width wise so you can walk through it) but I think it would shade the garden too much and cost is out of reach at this point. As it is I'd ideally like this model but 10 -12 ft high and to run 30 linear feet  (if Nick doesn't kill me) to provide a nice privacy screen from the neighbour's yard. We already have a large wisteria that will quickly take hold of a structure such as this, and we'll add grapes at the other end behind the plum tree. Only question is whether Ruby will leave any [grapes] for us to make wine with or will she eat them all?

Nick's project!!! Ok my idea but his project! ... We've always wanted to upgrade our hand-me-down resin patio table and chairs but even in the off season, 'end of stock' sale a nice 6 person set can run upwards of $400! And really how long do they last? Seat cushions to replace or like my poor parents a winter storm actually broke the glass. I'm not sure if it was already cracked or if a heavy branch fell on it but it smashed but good.  So I did some research and this, although it looks fancy schmancy is really a simple to moderate skill level, weekend project. With pressure treated wood and an all weather varnish it'll last practically forever! 

Nick has some other plans for a garden bench with an arbour, a potting table that doubles as an outdoor bar.... And eventually we'd LOVE to rebuild the gate by the shed. Best to start simple and work our way to some cool projects!

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