Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Pictures

At the pumpkin patch in Shamrock Farms!

They have an AWESOME display of Halloween, with witch and cauldron, captured fairies, eye balls in jars, scary ghosts etc! It was an excellent show! And Ruby wasn't scared not even a bit!

For $.50 a cup you could feed the chickens... Ruby WAS afraid of them.

"Yes, a bottle of milk please, shaken ~ not stirred."

Watch out people!

Me and my kiddies!

Eli loved the animals!

And if given the chance would have ridden a chicken.

Helping pull the wagon!

Mini organic orchard apples ~ YUM!

Ruby's wall FINALLY painted pink!

Eli's black eye. He fell in the tub, split it open and there was blood EVERYWHERE. Massive Mummy freak out, trip to the ER but stitches were averted!

Mummy's mistake, Eli's fun.

My 'naked chef!'

Who needs toys when a Costco box will do?

Bathtime goomba!

....but is it legal to leave them while I go out?

Needing a cuddle 'cause he was snuffly, so he brought me Billy his Goat.

Halloween Preschool Party!

The GF Cupcakes I made!

My 'Yoda Towel Bandits'

Ruby's Halloween Costume... I scoffed at paying the $25 for it not realizing that it had fiber optics and lit up. In the end it was worth the money!

Our pumpkins!

Good use of Nick's drill!

Eli 'helping' me unload the dishwasher.

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