Monday, July 2, 2012

Taco Grease, A Haircut and a Hard Top Trailer

Had an AWESOME long weekend!!!!  My sister Sarah and her other half Ken and their 4 children have a camping membership at Country Maples in Chemainus BC. This year they bought themselves a 21ft long hard top trailer ~ cheap (relatively) safe family entertainment! The plan was for them to sell Nick and I their older tent trailer... so Nick and I made reservations at the camp ground.

As the day approached Nick became lazy and tried to weasle his way out of going... but I PROMISED him it would be smooth packing up and driving the 1.5 hours south for a weekend of fun.

Well I busted my butt trying to make that promise come to fruition! Spent ALL bloody day with Eli on my back, packing up linens, bedding, suitcases, dog food, shoes, diapers, sunscreen AND rain gear! I was sweating buckets! I made an early dinner which I had promptly on the table when he walked in the door at 4:30 ~ UGG. I know I HATE early dinners! But the kids always eat before 5:30 or all hell breaks lose. ... I also wanted the kitchen tidied, the floors swept and the garbage dumped before we left. I keep wondering why am I not like a hundred pounds soaking wet? All I do is SWEAT!

He walked in the door and we ate, I bathed up the kids as he loaded up the truck and we were on the road for 5:54. NOT BAD!

On our way driving down island, Eli fell asleep rather quickly, Ruby slept for a bit, Gypsy was inbetween us until we hit up the Cold Beer and Wine store in Ladysmith. I slid over to the middle seat and my hubby and I drove the last 20 minutes with his arm around me, counting our blessings and giggling about how cute our kids are, how nice our dog is, how happy our life has become in Comox and how great it is to have family so close by.

Nick spotted one of those foreign Mitsubishi SUV imports and commented about how 'cool' and inexpensive they are running on diesel. So I piped up that people from our Church have one and they run it off of that 'stuff.'
"That 'stuff', huh babe?" he mocks me, "what 'stuff?'
"Ya know, that 'stuff!' That um... taco grease stuff!' I replied so proud of myself for remembering.
He tries to hide the smirk and keep us in the lane as he shoots me a 'seriously?' look and says, "You mean bio-diesel?"
I proudly replied, "Yep! See? I know what I'm talking about! Taco Grease! Want to get me a taco grease car... ok! "

Got to Chemainus, got the tent trailer set up with Ken's help and it promptly rained cats and dogs all night long! It was HOT as well???? Any way, much of the bedding was wet around the edges and we rolled out of bed with the kids at 6:30 am only to have to walk over to my sister Sarah's beautiful brand new hard top trailer to make the coffee in the morning. Did I mention she has a full kitchen and bathroom? Ummm ya... so Nick decided he really liked the hard top trailer....

Less than a few hours later we were at the dealership in Mill Bay scoping them out.... ended up buying an immaculate 23 ft 2004 "Layton" hard top trailer which sleeps 6, full kitchen, bathroom, 2 single bunks, full queen bed and a dinette which turns into a double bed. Ummm so much for being frugle? We get to pick it up in another week AM SO EXCITED!

Back to campsite. Spent the weekend barely seeing Ruby... the 4 older cousins all have bikes and while I brought Ru hers she found it faster to run! And she ran EVERYWHERE!

The weather couldn't make up it's mind so it never really got cold even when it was pouring buckets. She spent much of the weekend, filthy in just a long t shirt and gum boots. She would actually pick up the t shirt to her waist to wade through little pot hole puddles. It was HILARIOUS!

Elias was happy to play inside the cousins 'play' tent with his ball. 6 kids in a small tent make for a LOT of noise! Laughter, screaming, laughter, crying, laughter..... it was amazing! We had burgers and some cider in the sunshine and I didn't really have to worry about the kids! Life is grand!

My Mum and Dad came to visit for a few hours on Saturday and again Sunday. Ma brought the worlds BEST dessert ~ a 'cloud' cake! But I neglected to get a picture BEFORE we started eating it and by the time I found my camera ...uh... I'd eaten 3 slices???? She'd topped it with raspberries soaked in liquour... Ruby had two large helpings of raspberries before Grammie remembered.... Ruby slept pretty good that night!

Country Maples has a swimming pool, mini golf, a club house, a kids coordinator, an arcade, corner store... it is practically heaven on earth! Felt super safe to let the kids wander... nephews had fun with other boys playing "Mantracker' in the woods!

My nieces and nephews LOVE Gypsy! Always have! My sister and her other half aren't exactly 'pet people' so whenever I show up the kids have a dog for a few days! It works out well, they get to 'have' a dog, they walk her every 15 minutes which she loves, my sister doesn't have to scoop poop and I take all the pet hair with me when I leave! It's win win!

Elias was just content to be strapped into his stroller and chauffered around watching all the chaos of the weekend. He screamed when they screamed, cried when they cried, yelled when they were yelling and laughed histerically when they just LOOKED at him! I nearly fell over he was in such stitches just as the sight of the 'big' kids. (They range in age from nearly 6 to barely 10)

Sunday, Canada day, the weather was decent, not too hot and not raining. I have been desparate to get Ruby's haircut but unsuccessful. So once Grammie arrived and we'd had lunch, myself, Aunty Sarah, Grammie, Eli, Ruby and big cousin Julia hopped in the car and drove down to Duncan to get Ruby's haircut. I had butterflies as she threw a hissy in the parking lot. Aunty saved the day! Managed to get her sitting in the seat only to have a meltdown, hair dresser said to try sitting her in a shopping cart... no go.... on my lap in the 'hot' seat, watching Dora the Explorer on Aunty's iphone, promised; an apple juice, nail polish and a looney to ride the toy airplane outside, we managed to get it cut!

An AMAZING weekend, we were sorry it was over! But we'll be back down on the 13th with our new (to us) hard top in BBQ bliss! We are camping with my sis for the weekend, heading home with her girls for a week, meeting up and camping the following weekend trading girls for boys and heading home with the boys for a week at this Aunty's house! MUCHO fun!... Might even plan a 3rd camping weekend to take the boys home. Life is busy. Life is happy. Life is family and LOVE!

Too tired to post pics will do it tomorrow!


WARNING! Black Puma's are on the lose here in the Valley! But never fear we have a 'trapper' who will rid you of your pest!

Naked fun in the sun of our backyard!

I LOVE my cute babies!

Wee little bum for pinching!

Daddy hoeing tomaters and potaters!

My 'Scurvy' Pirate!

Eli in his wrap!

The boys being hooligans!

Jon being 'Spiderman'

Ruby yanking up her t shirt round her waist so she doesn't get it dirty in the mud puddles!

Handsome lad!

Ruby showering outside! She was THRILLED!

The haircut!

Double trouble! Ethan and Jono!

Ruby was so proud of herself... she put on cousin Georgia's sandals.... took her 10 minutes to do so because there are actually 3 buckles on each foot ~ but she was happy and quiet!

The 6! Eli, Julia, Georgia, Ruby, Ethan and Jon! Wow! What a Motley Crew!
Only missing little Evie :(   But she'll be there next time!

Julia being uber responsible!

Eli passed out in his stroller with his new Canada Blanket from Grammie!

Flirting with Georgia Peach!

More uber responsibility! A good 'babysitter in training!"

Thanks for reading! Will post pics of our new trailer when we get it!

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