Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mama's DOWN!

Well the week started out just fine. I was a bit slow to get back into the groove of house keeping, we'd just spent a weekend having fun and the sun was shining bright so I was a little lazy about things. But it has bitten me in the butt!

Thursday we walked to the new Brooklyn Elementary School to play on the playground for something new to do. Took the dog and the double buggy and trekked over there. Not too far and relatively flat, get there an the playground is virtually empty. Ruby does her typical 'Ruby' thing and has to piddle so off she trots onto the grass whips down the panties and has a tinkle.

Just as she is finishing a gaggle of kids and mother's enter the playground, someone says something about hats and drives away to go and retrieve them. Both my kids are hat-less. I feel the sting of judgement as they look in my direction. They decide to go around the back of the building where apparently their 2.5 year old has an easier time climbing the equipment.

Just as they leave Ruby rushes over to the grass pants around ankles, "Mummy! I have to POOP!"

"You WHAT?" I shout.

Internal dialogue racing, what do I do? What do I do? What do I do? Can they see us? No. OK.

So I rush her over to the goal post lean her back up against the post and she does her business. I retrieve a doggy bag from the buggy and the problem is solved. Just in the nick of time too as the gaggle of kids returns to our side of the building.

More skirting glances, all other children EXCEPT mine are wearing hats.

Meh, I'm not in the sun that long and my kids simply remove any hats I put on their heads. Judge me all you want, I'm simply not a hat nazi.

So Ruby as always is facinated by these older kids and follows them around, I find out that the 'little' one who is 2.5 and 'can't' use the equipment is nearly 40 lbs and LOOMBS over Ruby by nearly a foot! ... HUH???? Mother helped her climb each and every piece of equipment.

Ruby was climbing barefoot. One particular piece of equipment still had water on it from the soft rain the night before. Hulking girl was not allowed to climb on it because she would get dirty. Ruby climbed it up and back down, bare foot and got wet. More skirting glances and this time pursed lips.

What can I say? I'm a hippie? I'm certainly not a 'helicopter' parent! Sheesh, it's only sunshine and barefeet! How BAD for them could it be???

We leave the park, 'doggy' bag in tow and go home.

Next day we walk into the village, Eli in the buggy, Ruby walking with Gypsy and I. It's a good trek for a little girl but she needed to get some energy out! Played at the park, had a snack and started to trek home before the mid day heat. Ruby couldn't quite make it home, so she perched herself atop the buggy and Gypsy was so hot she lagged behind with the leash as I made our way through the side streets back home.

Lunch and the neighbours are out. We get invited for another impromptu play date. The sun beats down upon us and I start to feel my back frying. Eli is in his birthday suit happily playing in a rectangular basin half filled with water under the shade of a giant fir tree. Ruby is covered in paint and having a glorious time! Homemade popsicles, lemonade and laughter! Home for Eli to have a nap. I am so exhausted I end up falling asleep with Ruby at 8:30 pm.

Saturday, Nick's brother Adam and pregnant fiance Elyse arrive for dinner! My plans of 'pecan encrusted, honey glazed' halibut go awry. Oh well! The 'Cloud Cake' recipe from my mother was a hit!

I am starting to feel 'off.' Thinking it might be heat stroke I have a tepid shower and again go to bed early with Ruby in the downstairs spare room. Immediately I know something is not right. I have chills, and need to be covered with a wool blanket in thirty degree weather. Could still be heat stroke I think to myself, headaches, chills.... as I drift off to sleep.... am awakened in the wee hours drenched in sweat. Ruby is fine but I am swimming... YUCK! Try to get up and my ears are hurting... oh great and ear infection! Spend the rest of the night in and out of conciousness, chilled and fevered, drenched in sweat. Again, just plain yuck.

Next morning Nick takes Eli to church, Ruby comes with me to the walk in clinic. See a wonderful woman Doctor who informs me I have Strep Throat, and hands me a 10 day prescription for penicillin. Ugg.

Get home, pass out. Nick does what he can to entertain children, house is a bomb. Wake up scarf down something to eat, I don't even remember what it was... oh ya... Nick 'cooked' and ordered Chinese... there goes all my meal planning and food budget.... He was trying to be helpful. I think I ate rice and went back to bed.

Another fevered night, chills, sweat, chills. The penicillin is making me nauseas. I wake up just before 4 am and start vomiting. This continues until 6:30 when Nick wakes me. He suggests I have a shower and then I'll feel better. I try to tell him 'Not a chance' but the dutiful wife I oblige him.

I have a 25+ minute tepid shower, Ruby joins me. I just sat on the floor and tried not to cry. Out of the shower, not even dried off and the vomiting starts. Nick takes pity on me and calls into work saying he'll stay home for the morning.

Ruby tries to assist me and tells me, "Mummy, you can use my potty you know? It might be better for you?"

"Thank you for the offer Ruby but I think your potty is a bit small and much closer to the ground. Can I throw up in the big potty alone please?" I say between heaves. Oh life with toddlers!

My mother in law arrives and lets me sleep. I am in and out of consciousness and basically working on auto pilot. I try to keep up with the laundry, it is the simplest and seemingly most efficient 'housework' I can do. I wash the bedding I had sweat in so badly and put new bedding down for mother in law to sleep in. In my foggy state I cram the matress topper into the machine. It doesn't fit. I turn it on believing the wetness would magically make it 'fit.' ... It didn't. We heard it making a funny noise and I lifted the lid to smell smoke. Shite. I turn it off and try to remove said mattress cover. I have no strength, will have to fess up to hubby. When he comes home I tell him, he removes it, hangs it up and gets the washer started again. He pats me on the head and kisses my cheek, then leans in close and says, "Go back to bed please."  The dutiful wife I oblige him.
The days are a blur. My mother in law must go home. I am feeling no better. The swelling of my tonsils has put so much pressure on my ears that I cannot hear. Everytime I bend down to pick up Eli there is excrutiating pain. Nick phones my mother. She is coming to rescue me tomorrow.

I am off to bed. I will wake in a short while and hop myself up on more Tylenol and hopefully get some sleep in this stifling weather.

I am praying that my children are spared this horrendous experience and that I might be able to swallow a meal tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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  1. On the plus side, today my hubby celebrates 7 years with the Canadian Coast Guard!