Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Pics!

 Gelato! Bubblegum flavoured...yuck I mean yum?

Elias napping on the bottom bunk in the trailer!

Dining 'room'

'Walk around' queen bed.

View from beside the fridge...

Fridge on the left, lavratory on the right, bunks straight ahead and the bathroom sink at the far left... just behind the fridge is the second door.

A shower too!


Ruby with her 'quill'...she kept asking the cousins, "What's your name?" I finally figured out she wanted them to SPELL out their names! LOL it was CUTE!
Da's Birthday! Mum made him a Triple Berry Cloud Cake

I adore this shot!
Papa and his 6! Only missing Evie...

Gypsy the tired pooch! Nick took Jules, Ethan, Jon and Gypsy for a swim down the river ~ twice! Gypsy passed out Saturday night, slept most of the day Sunday and was STILL tired on Monday!

Naked cake eating?!
He's figured out how to climb...now he thinks it's HILARIOUS to climb onto the table!...

Aviation Airfield and Museum!

'Homeless' Ruby!


Hmmph starting to look the same in each shot.... can't wait for a haircut!

Future Pilot! With hot pink 'googles.' ~ yes you read that correctly.


Silly trouble!

Bombs away!

Jon in the 'Ejector's Seat.'

Ruby's turn!

Ethan too!

Elias hanging out!

Playing ground control

And radio operator!
Ruby called Daddy!

ET phone home!

Eli 'climbing!'


What a GREAT summer!

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