Monday, July 16, 2012

HOT Weather... cool a/c camping with the new trailer!

What a GONG show day!!!! Mum came up to rescue me from my tonsils. She brought with her the three oldest niece and nephews. It was heaven! Everyone helped get the house ship shape and Ruby and Eli were amused. It was stinky hot but we all survived!

Friday we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off getting ready for another weekend camping in Chemainus at Country Maples. We left late, arrived late and Nick flung myself the kids and the dog out into the glaring heat of the afternoon and zoomed off to Mill Bay to pick up the truck.

It was 2 pm, there was NO wind and it was 30+ degrees. I put Eli in the buggy faced him out of the sun and hurridly put together the sunshade, I was sweating bullets. We'd left late and hadn't time to feed the kids, they were cranky in the heat and I had odds and sods for them to eat. To top it off I have yet to get a Comox cell phone and Nick left before anyone realized he'd left with the bottles.... ugg.

The sun shade was no shade at all, it was just a sauna, with screened walls it gave us maybe a metre squared of shaded area. I fed the kids pepperoni, apple and some yogurt drinks which ended up spilling all over the buggy. Ruby tried to piddle on the grass and got it all over herself, luckily I had a change of undies in my bag or she would have been naked for hours... not that she would have minded. :)

I walked us over to the shade of the giant Firs and settled down, it was stifling, no breeze, stinky cranky HOT.

Mum had stopped with the older three for lunch etc so I was on my own for an hour and half before they came to find us. It was another few hours before my brother in law showed up with his trailer. Miscommunication #702 that day.

Julia accidently let the dog off the leash and right in that moment Nick called to say the dealership had screwed up the time needed to put the towing package on the truck. He was nowhere NEAR leaving Mill Bay at 5 pm.

I lost my mind and started to cry. So did Mum. Eli fell asleep with an empty belly poor guy.

Sarah came to the rescue bringing my Dad. Nick showed up moments later... the dealership delivered him, the trailer AND all of our gear to the camp site! Saving graces!

Nick ran out to get dinner for us, we had something to eat, it was nearly 8 pm before the kids got dinner. And although it was SUPER late, they didn't seem hungry for the heat.

Mum had brought with her some water guns. And my Mum being my Mum after dinner she helped everybody fill them and made sure she'd bought one for herself!

SQUEALS of delight from all the children! Water flying! Two different older gentlemen came dashing out from around their trailers with stern, "I'm gonna give you what for..." looks on their faces until much to their surprise ~ there was Grandma right in the thick of it!! We were left alone!

Ruby was HILARIOUS! The bloody gun was BIGGER than her! I was laughing SO hard that I couldn't even get a picture of it! Somebody would dare to get her wet and she'd STOP the game to undress down to her skivvies. She'd get wet again and before you could blink an eye she was running 'round buck naked soaking wet. She would be happy as a clam, squirting Julia in the back, drenching Grammies shorts or full on nearly drowning Jon in the face! But God forbid anyone get HER wet! And all hell would break loose!
HAHAHA! Even Nick had to comment, "Typical Brady, can't take it as good as she gives it!"

The first night in the trailer was AWESOME, a/c on, it was cool and easy to make Eli his 4 am bottle.

Saturday... I barely remember what we did? Nick went and picked up the truck, I watched the three littlest ones while Sarah went out for groceries.

Chantelle my younger sister showed up just before lunch with little Evie, we played on the grass and then had a hodge podge lunch. Went for a swim to cool down the babies. Dinner was fish burgers, halibut AND salmon on the BBQ! YUM!

Sunday we packed up and headed home. I've brought my nieces with me, it is always nice to have them here. Lots of laughter, and Julia is AMAZING amusing Elias while I get a few things done.

She helped me make kale chips again last night... she's eaten half of them already! Georgia is cute, at home she is the baby, here she is the 'big cousin.' It is difficult for her to relate to both 'roles.'

Today was Ruby's last ballet class until the fall. Next week is highland dancing. Tomorrow we are heading to the water park for the first time. Should be FUN!

I was hoping to get Ruby's wall painted pink with Julia in the evenings but it is really just too friggin HOT, it doesn't cool off in the upstairs to a reasonable temperature until well after 9pm. Much too late to start a painting job!

I've also promised my Da that I would make him GF sausage rolls for his birthday which is this Sunday. So as much as I'd like to be Super Woman I'm NOT.

Perhaps I'll just pray for evolution to catch up, I'll need 2 extra hands, a pair of wings and the ability to stop or slow down time!

Fartin' round in the backyard!

Cousin Jon helping Eli cool off!

My standin' baby!

Staying hydrated!

Eatin' 'freezers' as Ru calls them!

Spaghetti and freezers!

SO CUTE! Do you want a tomtato sauce kiss? They're FREE!

Hoola dancing in the evening sun!

Camping!... I couldn't take them all swimming by myself so we did the next best thing ~ tote swimming!

Elias teaching Evelyn bad things!

The three wee lasses! Ruby, Georgia and Evie!

This was so funny I had to post it!

Cousin Peach shared her candy!.... All weekend long... but now has a kanker sore :(

Eli playing with Evie's rattle.

The hooligans! Please note Ruby's poses... she had fun shakin' her hips for these pictures!

Boys being turds!

Eli with skinny Papa! If he loses any more weight we won't be able to hug him without him falling over!

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