Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cousins, camping and 1000 page views!

We did it! Our last blog post hit 1000 page views! EXCITING! Thanks to all those readers ~ Ma how many times a day do you look at the pictures? Just kidding!

Went camping with the new trailer and then brought the girls home with me for the week. Then took the girls back down to Chemainus, camped for the weekend and brought the boys home with us for the week. We've had a BLAST! ...But I have to admit the girls are MUCH easier, quieter and more helpful than the boys! I am feeling like a Drill Sargent with them here! The wee ones and I LOVE having all of them around!

With the girls we went to the water park, hit the beach at Kye Bay and then checked out the petting zoo at Filberg Park. With the boys we've checked out a park and the Aviation Museum. I think we'll head back to the water park and they've asked to go to the skate park with their bikes.

Had an AWESOME time camping for my Da's birthday. Some GREAT pics of him and the grandkids were taken. I busted my butt and made - for his present- Gluten Free Sausage Rolls. Making them was liking walking right back into my childhood, back into Grandpa and Grandma Campbell's apartment in Fairfield. It had green shag carpet, and Grandpa grew tomatoes on the balcony in pots. Grandpa had bright blue eyes and always wore a sweater with suspenders... in the summer it was just pants and suspenders!

My father and his parents are immigrants from Scotland, but Da was so young that he easily lost his accent. This seriously upset my grandparents so every time Da crossed the threshold of their home he turned on the thick Glaswegian accent to match that of my grandparents. Grandpa would buzz open the front door and be waiting at his apartment door on one knee. If he knew we were coming he'd go out and pick up three chocolate bars. If he didn't know we were coming we got a loonie, we'd give him a hug and he'd reach into his back pocket for our treat! It was totally predictable ~ and one of my fondest memories! I do remember getting $2 bills before the loonie went into production.

Anyway making the 'mince' for the sausage rolls brought back a flood of great memories! 'Mince' is ground beef, onion, a FEW peas and carrots  and some S&P. Once cooked it is thickened and eaten on it's own (with tatties) or put into sausage rolls. The Gluten Free dough recipe called for cooked and still warm mashed potatoes. It was interesting working with the dough, I froze the rolls I made before baking them so Da could perhaps take them to work. But the dough while good turned out more to be like a Cornish Pastie rather than a sausage roll, still tasty though!!!

We had 3 tomatoes turn red and Ruby and Nick promptly ate them! The change in the weather to some rain has been wonderful, it is nice to have a few cool mornings and not have to water each night.

Still haven't managed to do much more around the house but the basics. Have 4 boxes still in my room, the garage and the office are untouched disasters collecting dust. I am trying NOT to rip my hair out or tear a strip off Nick who is working HARD overtime. But I cannot STAND looking at the same mess over and over and over again. I'm sure it will get done, I'm just not sure in which year.

The biggest news of all is that my Elias, my baby is WALKING!!! Yep, he took 4 steps last week, and while camping managed 7!!!! He still prefers to crawl as it is still the fastest mode of transportation, but he is on his feet! I captured great video of him today crawling all over the park, he has started to climb! Bit the dust and got a fat bleeding lip but he got back up and kept on truckin'! A rough and tumble but sweet natured little treasure!

I'll try and post some pics!

Water park fun! Elias didn't much enjoy the jets but we still had a good picnic!

Kye Bay Beach!

Handsome lad! ..Ignore the shirt it was the only thing I'd brought to get dirty in!

My streaker!

Peach at the Beach!

I LOVE this photo!

Just plum tuckered out!

Chocolate kisses anybody?

A little piggy at the Filberg Petting Zoo

And a calf that really just wanted to be left alone!



Thirsty? I'll grab the water!

It's Gilligan I mean Eli!


Too many pics!... I'm starting another post for the rest!

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