Friday, June 15, 2012

Severe Sanitation Situation Survived ~ Solo!

Few glad it's over!!

Nick left Monday at 7:30 am, friends left later that afternoon. Mum and God Mother arrived shortly there after, early dinner and bed for the kids...only to have Eli wake up almost immediately and start throwing up. He stopped at midnight, 12:30 am Ruby started. Oh yes. It was fantastic!

Tuesday morning and everyone seems to be fine, not much appetite but still able to keep food down. Head to Coombs for the day, see goats on the roof, have lunch, purchase expensive sun hat and $3 Bacon Flavoured Lip Balm for Father's Day!

Head home; dinner, bed, vomit.

Thank goodness my mother is here to help me! Wednesday, Mum and God Mother have helped me fold copious amounts of laundry (thank you!)

Feed Eli breakfast and bottle, pick him up and proceed to wear it all.

Hop in shower fully clothed with baby. FUN.

Mum cleans up floor, but then must leave :(

Nobody eats anything for dinner... I myself start feeling more queasy by the hour.

Kids refuse to sleep in own beds, by 10:30 both are throwing up nearly simultaneously... I cleaned up what I could in the low lights, I think the dog helped clean up the floor... is it wrong to appreciate this?

Ruby in just panties, Eli in just diaper, me in my 3rd pj change, 4 face cloths, 2 rags, 2 swiffer pads, a king sized sheet change and a sobbing prayer!

Not sure if God heard a word I said! But I remember my Jobie girls, "Every thought is like a dew drop from heaven, its usefulness forecast and its purpose fulfilled."  The vomiting ceased so I think he understood me.

Spent Wednesday lounging on couch all in our jammies. Was happy to find Nick's housecoat hanging up, I put it on to make me feel better ~ it smells like him... the kids and I cuddled for most of the morning... I think we were all comforted by his scent.

Managed to muster up some energy to tidy up and make soup for dinner. Prayed that the night would go smoothly and it did!!!

Eli hasn't really eaten much but he seemed to really like the tater tots I picked up. Something easy on the stomach.. he's still have digestive issues... and needs 'moral support' to poop. ... Funny how I never thought I'd actually take pleasure in helping my child poop while holding them tight to my chest for comfort. ...He seemed to feel better ~ even if I did have a fleeting 'weirdness' thought. :)

Putting Ruby to bed she had something in her hand that night. Took me a few minutes to convince her to show me... it was a picture of her Dad. At a play group in Port McNeill we'd 'sign in' by putting up our pictures...somehow Ruby found Nick's. She kissed it, said, "I miss you Daddy," and clutched it to her chest until she fell asleep. I nearly cried!

Went grocery shopping Friday... somewhat apprehensive with two small children but they ended up being wonderful! Eli was in the snuggli on my back and Ruby 'helped' me push the cart. I think when we got home that she's eaten a pound of grapes, strawberries and blueberries... and I mean a pound EACH!  Gonna have more 'digestive issues!'

Made my first batch of kale chips with kale from our garden. I believe we have 'plain' kale as opposed to the popular garnish of 'curly' kale.

I followed instructions on 2 different websites for 2 different methods. And I 'winged' the recipe from the ingredient list on a bag of kale chips I bought at Nick's step mother's store. (Old City Organics on Fitzwilliam in Nanaimo~ although I'm not sure if they sell those particular kale chips anymore...)

None the less!  Tamari (GF soy sauce) Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon Juice. Don't ask me measurements I winged it.

Nutritional yeast, garlic powder, onion powder and some white pepper.

Washed, and picked the leaves off the stems (freakin' time consuming!!!!!)

Tossed the leaves in the liquid mixture and dusted the tops with the 'spices mixture.'

Method #1, put in food dehydrator overnight at 105 degrees Farenheit

Method #2 put on cookie sheet, insert into oven at 425 degrees for 3 minutes

Still waiting on food dehydrator... will comment in the am...

Ah yah method #2....

Well.... I'm pretty sure that recipe was using curly kale which is already fairly dry to start with. Plain kale is like a thick spinach texture. Three minutes simply wasn't going to be enough, so I put it in for 5. Then another 5 and then another. ...SHITE SMOKE!

Did I mention baby on back at this point?  Ruby, then Daddy calling, then teething woke him up THREE separate times, so at this point he's suspended in the snuggli on my back while I attempt not to burn down the house!!!!

Quickly open oven door and stick face in it... AAAAH! CAN'T SEE ~ EYELASHES STICKING TOGETHER! ~ They should put a warning about this on the mascara bottle!~

Moment of sheer panic ensues!

Put face slightly back into heat, mascara re melting allows eyes to open.

Kale looks dead.

Pull it out and use flipper to survey damage. Only top is crispy, under layer is still wet. False alarm. Stir it up and put it back in.

5 minutes later, pull oven door out while turning face AWAY from heat! (Ya I know it's SO cool how I'm a fast learner! ;P

Some kale still pretty wet, but take it out and let sit on cookie sheets. Tidy up. Ok, tidy up just kitchen, living room disaster will be fully ignored.

Scrubbing of cookie sheets takes less time than I thought. Am pleasantly surprised. Put kale in glass bowl and bowl inserted into oven which is turned off but still warm. Hoping that kale will dry out.

Taste test ~ SALTY! May have over done the Tamari sauce in the ingredient ratio! But still tasty!

Will keep oven kale separate from dehydrator kale for taste test.

Still have another full batch of kale for the dehydrator tomorrow.

Hope you are enjoying my adventures as much as I am! Comments are always wanted and welcome ~ even if it's just to chuckle at me! ... My mother always said my father married her for daily amusement of her wonderful blunders! ... I think my hubby could say the same!  Love you babe!


CUTENESS! ...With a 'Jono' expression on his face!

A basket full of bounty!

Green tongue!

Daddy packing the essentials!
A photo from the weekend visit... my niece was getting tired waiting for her slow mother to make lunch. Sheesh, took FOREVER! ;P

Coombs! Goats on roof!

Have some kale!

After the harvest.... forgot to take before photo ~ sorry!

Potatoes on the left, tomatoes on the right!
Into the fire! I mean pleasant tropical wind!

Blue bowl for tossing in liquid, spices dusted on top...


Hmmm, oven method.... jury is still out... at least the pans came clean!

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  1. hahahah you crack me up I can just picture your eyes stuck together. Ouch!
    Glad you are on the mend. Your garden looks amazing!!
    I could do with less slugs and grass in mine! Good work, look a whole week over and you did wonderfully!!!