Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nana saves the day... but is nearly suffocated in the 'foam pit of death.'

How many hours of sleep have I had since Nick left on the 11th? Hmmm well let me count.... perhaps averaging 4 hours per night - no let's be generous 5 hours per night - cumulative NOT consecutive! So mulitplying .... 50, fifty hours of sleep in 10 days. Hmmm how many 'should' I have gotten? 80 Hmmmm, Yep I'm one TIRED Mama!

 But since he's been gone I've managed once again to NOT burn down the house! I kept up with the laundry (with some help!) and I think that's about all I was able to accomplish. Poor dog only got out once for a walk in all that time. Feeling pretty poopy about that poor thing. I wish I were Super Woman! But I'm not.

Our neighbours invited us for an impromptu play date on Sunday which gladly broke up the day and got us out of the house. Monday I dragged my sorry butt to the park. Eli in the backpack, Gypsy tied to my waist, Ruby holding my hand and walking the six blocks. Nearly the whole way we were singing and chatting but I was internally wishing for my loneliness to evaporate.... Low and behold we arrived at the park and we met some new friends! So wonderful! They invited us to join them at the local Rec Centre for a 'kinder gym' the next morning. Off we trotted home. Nana arrived!!! She cooked us lasagna and brought me Gluten Free Beer, chocolate and some nutmeg/vanilla bath bubbles. It were HEAVEN!

Tuesday and we went to the play group 'kinder gym' pooped out the kids! And the 'foam pit of death' pooped Nana and I out! SERIOUSLY... it's a professional gymnastics gymnasium with trapeze etc and there is a 'foam pit' a good 30 ft x 30 ft, filled with 1 ft square cubes of mattress foam 8 ft deep. It was AWESOME... until Nana and I had to go IN it and 'rescue' Miss Ruby!!!! What a work out! To heck with Zumba, Pilates or Yoga ~ just toss yourself into a foam pit and see how long it takes YOU to get out ~ with near 30 lbs child on your back!

Went home that night and looked up our new friends on Facebook... we'll I'll be a monkey's uncle. She knows someone I know in Vancouver... how could this be??? So I ask her... ya we're both Alumni of a small youth group called, 'Job's Daughter's.'  I was SO excited I nearly cried! What are the odds? Of all the people we could know in common??? Pretty exciting!!!

Wednesday, Nana is supposed to leave and I'm a total basket case... I should explain that I've been trying desparately to wean Eli in the wee hours of the morning. He is so very used to waking up at 2 or 3 am and being nursed back to sleep in Mummy's bed. NO MORE.

My theory (glutton for punishment) was that I'm already BEYOND sleep deprived I might as well run the full gauntlet and just start the inevitable. So Sunday night I waited up to give him his bottle at 10 pm. He woke up screaming at 1 am but I didn't give in to nurse him until after 3 am. Same thing Monday and Tuesday nights ~ but Nana rescued me by taking him downstairs to snuggle with him. Her leaving would me another night of SEVERE sleep disturbance.... I just fell apart. She took pity on me and stayed one more night! (Thanks Brenda!)

When she left Thursday I had only a few hours before friends would arrive for the didn't matter... as soon as her car pulled away I melted on the floor of the living room, kid on each knee and cried my eyes out. Ok, so definitely NOT 'Super Woman!'

The sun was shining and our neighbours beckoned us over the fence for another impromptu play date! BLISS!

Came home and our friends arrived just in time for dinner. Eli slept until 3:30 am, flopped around for half an hour before I caved and nursed him at 4 am. Finally I think he's getting the hang of it! Bonus~ he's now transitioning from 2 naps to 1 long nap in the afternoon! I LOVE my life!

Planned on walking the dog... it rained. Trying to stay awake in the cool weather of the wet afternoon... might have to brew some coffee to get me until 8 pm.

Nick called, he's in Toronto and home in  LESS 30 some odd hours!!!!!!! Can't WAIT!


He made it home! EARLY! I had the kids all ready for bed and was just about to hop in the shower myself as it was SMOKIN' hot in the house and I was sweating bullets trying to cook dinner, tidy up the dishes, sweep and mop the floor, bath up the kids and put them in their jammies. Few!  It's a busy hour!

All of a sudden I hear the front door open and shut and my mind couldn't process it...for a fleeting moment I was worried about Eli getting out ~ until I realized he can't go up and down stairs yet!

Turned the corner and there was my man standing at the top of the stairs with a beaming smile! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!

Big hugs all around! Ruby was jumping up and down! Nick went into our room where Eli was playing on the floor and Nick layed down to get to eye level with him. It was really neat to watch the 'wheels turning' in Eli's reaction. At first second he reached out to touch Nick's face, then thought the better of it and squirmed for a minute. The look on his face was like, "wait a minute.... you were gone.... now you're here... hmmm.... I'm not sure I trust you...." then all hibitions disappeared and he reached out to pet Nick's big beard and bite Nick's nose! It was SUPER cute! Dog pile on Daddy!

Still didn't manage to get the best sleep. Ruby only wanted me at 2 am, Eli woke up at 3 and screamed for a bit which I could still hear downstairs. Ruby is NOT the best bed mate ~ tell me how some one who is 26 pounds can take up so much of the bed?!??!

But Nick has taken the kids to church this morning to give me five minutes of peace. Ahh! Yep reachin' for my coffee!

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