Sunday, June 3, 2012

60 days and 60 nights...and 60 ways for the dog to escape! *sigh*

It's official! We've been in this house 2 full months! SO exciting! And everyday we wake up still thankful to be here!

Now if only we could keep the dog in the yard!!! ARRGG! She's a WONDERFUL dog, with the patience of Job when it comes to the kids. The kids can ride her, pull her tail, pull out her eye lashes, count her teeth, take food from her bowl, take sticks or bones right out of her mouth and she just waits patiently until whatever toy is given back to her. She keeps your feet warm at night, she protects the house from potential harm (she alerted us the other night from some looky loo around our truck at 3 am!) ~ I repeat a WONDERFUL 'friend.' But an opportunist! The slightest hint of a door ajar or a gate swinging open in the breeze or an wire fence which can be ripped off the post and she's GONE. G-O-N-E ~ GONE!.... She comes home before you even realize she's escaped!

Thankfully she appears to be learning some road sense but even that is still cause for concern.

So yesterday just before dinner the door bell rings...odd.... Nick answers it to find our wonderful neighbour with our dog on a leash.

"Found her in my front yard! ...Thought you had it licked!"  (the fence mending of last week) said she.

"Funny so did we!"

Nick lets Gypsy in the house only to find her 2 SECONDS later out on the front lawn. HUH??? Turns out I'd left the garage doors both back and front open slightly ajar and Ms.Houdini herself figured it out! Problem solved right? NOPE.

Gypsy had gone right back into the back yard, pulled the compost bin apart and raced up the compost over the fence into the neighbours yard. Nick is fixing it ....again. *sigh*

With any luck she will remain contained while Nick is away or she'll be on a longe line until he returns home!

This will be Nick's last week on paternity leave and come Monday the 11th he returns to work. I am bittersweet about this. 

I will NOT miss his trails or mess', I will NOT miss  picking up his clothes wherever he leaves them. I will NOT miss him giving in to EVERY one of Ruby's whims! But I will miss his daily presence, my ability to hand over the kids when I need just 10 minutes of peace. I will miss the help in the evenings when one of us cleans up while the other baths the kids. I will miss the sound of his voice as he puts one of the kids to sleep singing a slightly off key version of Bob Seger's 'Turn the Page.' I will miss being handed a cup of coffee while I nurse Eli first thing in the morning.

But all good things must come to an end. Paternity leave has given him a small glimpse into my daily life.

We've made a few good dents in the office downstairs. I have another maybe 4 hours of work to get it to a livable state. I think I will need to purchase another set of metal shelves for the garage so we can store totes on them. The books are half organized on shelves...we seem to have a LOT of books! :)

There is a bit of an alcove between the window and the closet which will be just wide enough for a built in desk and some shelving... a project for sometime this summer. Eventually with the book cases, built in desk, little (fake) fire place and a lazy boy I'm hoping to turn the room into a adult sanctuary for painting, reading or yoga ~ it's just big enough for one person to do some stretches in peace and quiet. Even if the room is pastel purple! Painting it is WAY on down the list!

The rain has been great for the ground but not so great for our plans of digging out the HUGE maple stumps and smaller maple trees. The best layed plans of mice and men...aft gang agley.

Have to make some more laundry detergent before Nick leaves. And do some meal planning... any suggestions? ~ remember it's me alone with 2 kids, very little time and very little cooking ability!

Although I shouldn't be too alone, my Ma and God Mother are planning a visit. As is my mother in law! (Our friends are also coming up for a last minute visit this weekend before both hubby's go off to work)

My plans for when Nick is away are to simply survive! Keep laundry up to date and if things are going well I might,  might  paint the chocolate brown wall in Ruby's room. We'll see how it goes.

Was hoping to make some kale chips this week as the kale is nearly knee high, also have some frozen bananas for making bread.

My reordered blinds have arrived and are awaiting pick up so Nick will be sure to hang them before he leaves - that is if Sears will honour the sale price!... When I originally ordered the blinds they were on sale, they came but one was so severely damaged it had to be returned. Which meant that I had to completely reorder the one blind- to match the one that had already been delivered - arrg!

I'll have to be sure to put the cords up as Mr.Elias is SERIOUSLY close to walking! Full on couch walking, and transferring from couch to coffee table and back again!

I'll post some photos, for now the roast is in the oven for tonight!

Ciao Readers!

Discovering he can barely see out the window on tippy toes!

Waitin' for Daddy to rescue the escapee!

Caught red handed!

Um...the dog did it?

I'm TOO cute!

Rhubard pieces soaking in sugar...a week later and the pieces were shreds floating in syrup.... the wine is now in a carboy for 6 months.... apparently Rhubarb wine is white ~ who knew?


  1. Remembering back to the days of single partenting young children while dad was away - prioities - people first, food second, laundry third, and if anything else got done, it was a bonus.

  2. Brady, I miss you guys so much. I love it when you send me alerts as to when you blog. I wish you were here today so we could go to the park and hang out. I miss your kids so much! I can't believe how big Eli is. Give Ru a squeeze for me. Love you guys. Lynelle

    1. MISS you too! Was just thinking an hour ago about calling you! I have to go grocery shopping this pm but maybe after dinner I'll give you a call! Love you and miss you! Definitely could use a good gab at the park with the kidlets today!