Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Bunking at the Hanoi Hilton!

This last week of paternity leave was relatively relaxing. Made a Costco run, Kate went out for lunch with a friend and then next day we all went to lunch at a friend's house. Went for a few walks to the park and generally took it easy... until

The damned dog finally dog gone done it!  Done made Nick LOSE his mind!

She kept escaping for the MILLIONTH time, enough is enough. So Nick and I staged a recon mission ~ I hid for the better part of an hour behind the curtains in our bedroom to watch and see how it was she was actually escaping. ... Smart freakin' dog too...she kept looking over her shoulder as if she KNEW someone was watching. Then she swiftly scaled the neighbours tree ~ yes scaled. Simultaneously wedging herself between the tree and the fence and with minimal wriggling VOILA! FREEDOM!

I thought Nick's head was going to explode! So not wanting the dog to have to be tied up for the next two weeks while I (wo)man the homefront, Nick dutifully went back to HomeDepot. I have no inclination or desire to know how much money he spent. But he came back with a truck full of supplies and a very heavy roll of large gauge, 6 + foot high fencing wire. His mission ~ and yes he chose to accept it~ to build the 'Hanoi Hilton' right here in the Valley!

We've had plans for my BFF and her brood of 3 kids + hubby and dog to visit this weekend and then out of the blue we also had friends from Port McNeill need to stay for Thursday night. We were thrilled!

So I changed the sheets on the downstairs guest bed and set up the play pen for their baby. The McNeill~er's came, we ate, we laughed and I got to hold/coo at a new born without ANY uterine pangs whatsoever! And in the next flash they were gone. Short but sweet ~ I hope they return soon for a longer visit.

Dog escaped again. Only hours before next family arrives to stay for the weekend. More sheet changing, play pen down ~ LESS swearing involved with dismantling!

Move bed over, put up blow up mattress for kids. Friends arrive!!!!!!

Kids playing, dogs running around, kids screaming, mess growing, kids hungry, mess HUGE... BED TIME!

OOOH, cocktail hour! Staying up until 12:30 laughing and BSing ~ priceless! I LOVE the Valley!

More fence building on Saturday... Poor Brian everytime he comes to visit Nick and I put him to work! (Thank you!)

Kids in the swimming pool, dogs EVERYWHERE! Mess, mess and MORE MESS! Life is good!

Fence gets built! And the dog escapes again because somebody left the garage door open.

Mummies take all five children to the park to give Daddies a much needed break from back breaking labour. All five children nearly get purposely left at the park...but we struggled home in one piece!

Order Thai food for dinner, children have MASSIVE nuclear meltdown until the Daddies return with sustinance. Dinner on table... children mysteriously arrive at dinner table covered in paint?!

Washing, yelling and crying ensue as parents try to decipher where the source of paint is from... play room ~ contraband!

Gypsy has LITERALLY spent all evening doing recon missions searching high and low for weak spots in the 'border lines.'  Border lines holding for now! May have to stage armed guards in towers or further resort to electric barbed wire fencing... we'll see how it goes.

Extra laundry soap made... need to make dishwashing detergent.

Both Daddy and friends leaving on Monday :(

More sheet changing.

Mum and God Mother arriving Monday afternoon :D

Friends left but left behind a stomach flu...more sheet changing.

Thanks to Mum and Aunty Betty for all their help, tidying, folding laundry and helping me drink Nick's wine! I love you both!

Have to say he makes an excellent dancing flower!

Ruby and her 'tickets.'

The 'filing' system!


High centred....


Yeesh! That was a close one!

Beautiful bounty! Mizuna on the left, butter lettuce on the right!

Mr. D ~ Ruby's Port McNeill BF!

Daddy and his babushka baby!

Silly Billy's!

Uncle Brian ~  being a very good sport and having a tea party! Isn't he bootiful?!??

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