Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Pictures!

Eli's contribute to the Christmas tree decorating ~ a cookie!

Yep, Eli ~ passed out in the Costco grocery cart!

Ruby's new 'classic' pose. ...Where does she get this stuff?

My $8 SCORE! A microphone for her 3rd birthday! We've been singing along to youtube videos!

Plan 'B' Snowman Cupcakes

Behind the scenes at the new grocery store's loading bay!

See! I'm NOT exaggerating when I say I might suffocate in the chest high mountain of clean laundry! Folding party anyone?

Dang fresh air at the park! Wipes 'em right out!

This is one of my FAVOURITE photos! ... She pulled out this gold toule from one of the Christmas totes. I have used it in years past for a tree skirt but I have a new one... she couldn't resist being a bride! ... And what bride doesn't have a pet lizard named, "Albert?"

Gluten Free Homemade Chocolates with Nana!

Getting ready for her party! ... She wouldn't take off the socks Grammie had just knit her!

In Mummy's Cowgirl boots!

Princess Birthday Moment!

My heart is melting!

Puttin' away totes... er playing 'choo choo train' to keep the kids amused momentarily!

One gorgeous gal! Thank goodness Daddy has shot guns!

More of Mummy's cowgirl boots!

This one is an oldie from the fall... we were making wine and she thought it looked like a witches brew in a cauldron! Not sure if this is a repost but I don't care it's CUTE!

I have a couple of video's I keep meaning to post... we shall see if I get there!

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