Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bring on SPRING!

For those of you who don't know, I'm a total Pinterest ADDICT. My new inspiration is for the garden ~ of course!

I have a great many new but fairly simple plans;

Need to clean up under the deck, power wash etc so I can make a beautiful shady 'cabana.' I hope to paint the adirondak chairs a funky colour and hang some curtains for visual interest/sun screen.  We took down some plain 'linen' curtains that hung in the bedroom and living room, and I've seen on Pinterest how to paint a funky pattern on them using a stencil and some fabric paint. All I need is the stencil and the paint!

Also hope to dig out a half circle of grass adjacent to under the deck, fill the hole with pea gravel and make a pretty spot for a fire pit. All I need is to hang our hammock and make an outdoor 'coffee table' from a pallet that again I'll paint or stain to make it funky!

Nick has found plans for a green house and he spent this weekend framing it up! YES people! After 12 years ~ he's finally handy! The frame looks GREAT! Just need to put some cedar planks around the bottom half (to keep kids and dogs from running through the dang plastic) and we'll plastic the top half ~ VOILA! I was SUPER proud!!! Next year we'll step it up a notch and purchase some corrigated plexi glass for the top. But one step at a time!

He's bought the wood needed to build the raised beds and on the next non rainy weekend he'll be out doing that! He's sore poor fellow but quite proud of this handy work!

I'm hoping to use the canoe was a garden feature too. Nick's Dad and Step Mum gave it to us years ago ~ but we never got the chance to use it and now with the kids I'm really too nervous too. .... Pinterest to the rescue!... Well sort of... I've been SO inspired by everyone that I got to thinking about the cabana etc that one thing led to another and PRESTO! ... How COOL would it be to use the canoe???? We could set it up to have both ends as gardenbeds but leave the centre so the kids could play in the 'boat.' Then I was chatting with my Mum and she suggested erecting a mast and putting up a 'sail' OMG! SOOOO exciting! Imagine ALL the wonderful memories they could make with a 'sailboat' in the yard?

Nick's handy work

My baby


Just like daddy! Only he's sensible enough NOT to wear a bathing suit while working out doors in January

I also saw a great way to make a 'living teepee', using bamboo and sweet pea plants. Nick wants me to use cucumbers so that we keep with our 'edible landscape,' theme. So the kids would have a sailboat, a teepee, a slide, swings, a play house, a berry patch, a cabana, and a wadding pool. Now THAT sounds like some AWESOME childhood memories just WAITING to be made! ... And me, sitting in my 'cabana' in my neon coloured hammock with my book sipping sweet tea... YEP! Let's Get'er done!

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  1. For your green house you could also find mismatched windows!?! And I love the look of Living teepee's!!! can't wait to see this all!!!!