Sunday, May 20, 2012

Suriving (*part time) single parenting!

Not a whole lot happening on the home front except for social engagements!

Nick went hunting this past week and I was bravely alone with 2 children under 3 years for 7 days by myself and (GASP) I managed to keep the home fires burning WITHOUT burning down the house!

It was a challenge but I survived 4 nights on my own with the kids and then packed up and drove down to Victoria to visit with my folks and celebrate my eldest niece's 10th birthday.

My neighbours were my saving grace when one of the cats didn't show up in time for me to drive down island. I thought it would be just an easy task for him (Oscar the cat) to come home and in the door but alas NOPE!

My poor neighbour came over twice a day for the three days I was gone to try and coax this stupid cat out of our front 'bush' and into the darned house. No such luck! So a few frantic phone calls passed before I suggested she just leave the back door open for the afternoon (she can see it from her window) while she was home and sure enough when she went back over after dinner he was lying there like nothing had happened! ARRG!

I tried to make sure that the garden had a GOOD soaking before I left because we'd been in such a warm spell of weather. Upon arriving home we have some SERIOUS growth happening! (I'll post picks tomorrow)

Beets are coming up, onions are well established, beans are shooting, couple potatoes sprouting, and some teeny tiny carrots are barely showing but they look as if they are going to come in just fine and dandy. My Mizuna has gone to flower, I thought it would grow bigger before we needed to eat it but apparently my 'newbie-ness' is showing ~EEK!  Can I eat Mizuna after it has flowered?? (Mizuna is like Arugula only less peppery hot)

A few of the strawberrys died from heat stroke, no way to get them to come back, they are shriveled up and 'really, most sincerely dead.' (10 points for the reader who can name which movie that quote is from!)

No worries though, it is early yet so we'll plant some more!

Huckleberry's are looking good, as are the raspberries and the gooseberries. The grafted apple tree has blossoms and the plum tree has just finished blossoming.

I'm a bit concerned because last year was a TERRIBLE season for honey bees. I have seen quite a few in the front yard but not the back where I need them to be. I'll have to be sure next year to plant some lavender to attract them.

On the plus side we have made some wonderful connections through our Church and I am hoping to not only maintain friendships but also obtain some great knowledge and garden cuttings!

One friend has a 30 + year old seedless concord grapevine which winds its way through her garden and across her garage, am dying to get a clipping!

And another friend (and fellow blogger) has some chickens.... going to have to make sure we have a SERIOUS fence to keep the dog out!

Keep driving past fields upon fields of dandelions, need to muster up the courage to go ask the land owners if we could spend an afternoon picking them to make dandelion wine. Heard it's pretty skookum, be interested in seeing if we could get it right. But if I'm not mistaken one needs a good few POUNDS of flower before it's worthwhile.

That's about all for now! Will try to do something more interesting shortly... have a few household projects which include paint!

Cheers my faithful followers!