Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent, Mother's Day Geraniums and Dehydrated Mangos!

Been a good few days!!! The sun has shone so bright and there is already such heat in it! ~ We're going to FRY this summer! This morning after Nick hung the washing on the line, we sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee on our back deck! What an AMAZINGLY grand feeling, drinking in a cup'a'joe and some rays at the same time!

Had a fairly relaxing day, Nick mowed the lawn, we put up two loads of laundry on the line and then the kids and I hung out and watched "Funny Girl." 

Not much else happened, excepted an impromptu 'Brady Ballet,' where Ruby and I were Princesses with wings, tiaras and wands. Elias wore a tutu around his neck and was our 'Lion King.'  For a while afterward he wore a pair of green fairy wings. Daddy frowned upon him being called a 'Fairy Prince,' so we settled on, "Princely Forest Creature."  It were cute!

Nick will be away for Mother's Day so yesterday while we were out and about town, he picked me up two flats of 'Maverick Scarlett' Geraniums as a gift. I even managed to put them into pots at the front door, our bedroom balcony and the back deck. Minimalist, manageable and SPECTACULAR! I love the look of an entire pot (hanging or otherwise) stuffed to the brim with bright red blossoms. Thanks honey! Hope that takes the guessing out of what I'd like for Mother's Day each year!

Also on our travels we picked up some Lavender Essential Oil, washing soda, and 2 / 10 lbs cases of mangos which happened to be on sale.

The mangos are currently in the dehydrator ~ YUMMY ~ is all I really have to say about that!

I added the Lavender Oil to the vinegar we use as fabric softener. (Line dried clothes can get quite crunchy with out it!) I also found that while 99% of the time the vinegar smell disappeared there were a few times ~mainly with heavy blue jeans~ that the vinegar smell lingered. NO longer! 30 drops of oil per gallon of vinegar and the smell of the oil is all that is left behind! Splendid!

Today Nick made our first batch of laundry detergent. I have yet to use it but if it works (and I am confident that it will) I will NEVER AGAIN purchase commercial laundry detergent! For a fraction of the normal retail cost we purchased enough materials that we should be able to make a SIX month supply of laundry detergent for $13.  We added a few drops of the Lavender oil for additional scent so lets call it $25.  ~ Please note that with 2 children and 3 animals I do a LOT of laundry!~

I will try and post some more pics after the kids are in bed. Until then amigos!

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  1. I'd love to have the laundry detergent recipe
    just sayin :o)


  3. I will have to pass along the laundry recipe to my mum and cousin, I think they would love it!!!

  4. Yes please do include the recipe I would love to use this too!!