Sunday, September 16, 2012

Up to date Pics!

Princess Peach on her 6th Birthday!

Cousin Evie, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Ken and Eli!

Ruby's stunning bowling outfit!

Being Daddy's cheerleader!

Grammie and her oldest grandbaby Julia!

Eli bowling with Mummy!

Some old guy pattin' Eli's head as he chased the bowling ball around the alley!

Under chairs...

Squeezin' through...
Playing with cousin Evie!
All our pretty toes that Grammie painted that weekend!

The fabulously inspirational garden at Pacific Shores!

Espaliered apple trees!

Kiwi's on an arbor!

A NEW and excellent GF product! Gluten free 'couscous!)

Symbols we're seeing more and more of!

The blush wine for the peach 'rose.'
40 lbs peaches!

Ruby's first day Preschool! She was upset the next day of class because her 'school' shirt wasn't clean!... Um, only bought it for the first day not for each class!

In came Elias quite upset, we both turned round to see that he'd been made into a human sticker book! He wasn't impressed!

More labelling I like!
Elias' First Birthday!

I made him chocolate cake and iced it with chocolate in my first attempt at 'basket weave' technique.

Ruby iced her own cupcake!
Elias didn't even take one bite; instead he wore it!

And then mushed it into my hand.

The cake I spent hours making, and he still never ate a bite.

Sweet little curls and blue eyes! Done he make yer heart melt?

My brother's 'vicious' Pit Bulls came for the visit.

I'm totally terrified!.... Aren't you?
The GF Pumpkin Pie I made for my own birthday!

Elias at the Toopy and Binoo Concert....

Ruby at the Toopy and Binoo concert.....

Despite the what the pictures are reflecting... both had a marvelous time at Toopy and Binoo!

Heard her pouring her own drink and went to investigate... she said she was using, 'Daddy's juice cup.'

Elias passed out with Daddy in the chair... he had the snufflies poor fellow.

Helping himself to a carrot the next morning...
Been a good summer! I just got back from using the trailer on a solo camping trip 10 minutes up the road. Nick survived 36 hours as a single dad and the house was still standing upon my return! ... Now gearing up for his absence as he goes on a hunting trip shortly! Better come back with some meat or I'll be skinning him.

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