Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sweaty and happy after working in the garden; sitting back and watching our kidletts play in the yard.

Daddy's version of 'wash the baby.'

Elias playing 'dentist.'

Our new favourite park ~ Quarry Street for the win!

Nick scaled this seemingly 'unscalable' rock, so of course Ru had to join him at the top!

The rhubarb/ raspberry patch, when they were planted they were only 4 inch sapplings. We have plans to add two more beds to the left of this one along the fence line. One will contain more raspberries, the other sunflowers and 'sunchokes' aka Jerusalem Artichokes for a splash of colour and fun for the kids!

The berry patch, closest to the tree are 'honeyberries' although half dead I got them for cheap and hope they come back in the spring. The foreground are the huckleberries and I think two blue berries. The large green bush on the far back right is the goosberry bush (the largest one) for being so new it had a good yield of 6 berries this year.

The grafted 4 kinds apple tree, Nick pinched off the two apples it was starting to allow the tree to put its effort into growing strong root structure.

Ruby helping Daddy fix the wheel on the wheel barrow.

'Black' Russian tomatoes waiting to ripen!
Eli being a 'goomba.'

My Hawaiian Princess!

I LOVE this one!

More tomatoes!

Still MORE!

We planted the 6 plants FAR too close together, they've produced beautifully but they are a tangled jungle mess. They bushes are so laden with fruit that the branches were touching the ground. I had to get Nick to help me make a jumbled lattice of twine to keep the fruit from touching the ground where it could rot before it even ripens.

After the first frost I'll take the machete to the ferns and mulch up what I can, then I'll cover them with a tarp for the winter to stop photosynthesis, come spring it is here in half moon shape that I will start my 'edible hedge.'

Same mulching and covering here to make a raise strawberry bed!
In the foreground is the centre of the three maple trees we had cut down. Just on the other side of the house is the neighbour's maple. I'm quite happy we had the gumption to cut the trees down or the backyard would have been VERY dark and virtually unusable.

Gypsy's favourite spot.

Cooking up our first batch of bacon from our side of pork. It was DELICIOUS!
It had a lovely colour and light smoke flavour, infinitely better than the conventional commercial bacon with to me tastes of nothing but chemicals.

Hashbrown taters grown in our own garden!

Call me ridiculous but it's fun to open meat from brown butcher's paper!
Small grape tomatoes (Ruby's fave) and two smaller Black Russians. The difference in flavour is unmistakeable! The 'grape' variety being crisp with a hint of citrus. The Black Russians are deep rounded, robust flavour, unlike anything I've ever tried, they too were delicious!
Smaller onions from the garden and 5 jars of pickled beets, grown in our garden that Nick helped me can last night! YUMMY! Have plans next week to can some peaches and make some 'Carrot Pepper' Salsa!

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